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Please read and agree to the terms & conditions below

Parents/Guardians Please Note that:
1. The school Executive expects you to:
1. To pay all the school fees in full/100% ; if your registration is not complete, you will lose your place.
2. Be familiar with school’s expectations from pupils and back-up those expectations with your child at the time of enrolment.
3. Be available when called upon to discuss your child’s behaviour at school.
4. Offer support to school activities.
5. Will not interfere in any of the school’s administrative work and will abide by all decision’s made by the school.
6. Ensure that my child reads and follows school rules strictly.

The member’s of teaching staff expect that you will:
1. Always feel free to contact an individual teacher if you wish to discuss a matter of concern (with permission of the Principal).
2. Be supportive of the teacher’s action in dealing with your child.
3. To use appropriate language when discussing matters relating to the child/teacher/school, for positive moral development.
4. Advice of your child’s absence if known beforehand.

1. Students must use only English as Medium of Communication in the school campus except for various language classes.
2. Students are not allowed to wear any ornaments or bring any valuable article to the school.
3. The school administration expects that the students will come to the school groomed, well dressed and in time. Parents must ensure that their
child learns the importance of personal hygiene.
4. Students should carry a limited amount of money.

1. In the event of withdrawal of a pupil from the school all dues must be cleared, before the transfer certificate is issued.
2. The school administration, acting through Principal will request the withdrawal of a pupil who is not able to cope with the academic standards
of the school. Irregular attendance, habitual idleness, neglect of homework, disrespect towards members of staff, bad moral influence and
harmful conduct, Justify dismissal.
3. A student who fails twice in the same class or who is over age by two years or more due to academic incompetence will not be permitted to
continue his studies in the school.
4. Non payment of fees within a stipulated period may lead to the pupil’s name being struck off from the school roll. Readmission, if considered
will be based on 100% payment of the said fees as well as the readmission fee of 2020-2021.

1. A student must wear school uniform until the end of the day and at all formal school events.
2. A student in our school uniform; if the school hears of inappropriate or disrespectful behaviour outside of school, we will sanction the student
3. At the end of the school day, students must go straight home and not loiter around the school grounds unless they are attending an extracurricular activity.
4. A student, who comes to school without uniform, will be denied entry into the school.

1. Students from Grade 1 to Grade 11 need to pay separately for their books.
2. Students who did not pay for the book are not eligible to participate in school activities.
3. Book fees are based on each grade. For details, see the list of fees available at registration office.

1. Students who are registered with in KG1, KG2 and Reception classes are entitled to free stationery items.
2. Students from Grade 1 up to Grade 11 are not entitled to stationery items.

Mobile Phones
1. Students are not allowed to carry mobile phones or any other electronic devices to school.
2. If a student’s mobile phone is seen or heard any where on the school site, it will be immediately confiscated.
3. All confiscated items must be collected by parents/guardians at the end of the school academic year.

1. Any non-fixed blade knives. Air guns, Replica guns and lighters are offensive weapons and must not be brought to school.
2. For any student who overpowers the guard and forces his/her way in/out, dismissal is the only punishment.
3. Any student who is found smoking in the school campus or the smell of cigarettes is noticed on him/her, dismissal is the only punishment.

I also acknowledge that if I fail to pay school fees, my child can be discontinued.

I/We undertake to abide by the Rules and Regulations of the school as are in or may be in force, or as amended from time to time. I/We further
undertake that no vital information has been withheld, concealed and that no false statement has been given.

In case this undertaking is found to be false or incorrect in the future, I/we understand and accept that the school reserves the unconditional right to
deny admission of my child forthwith or at any time of his/her school life.

The Property of the school, staff, students and visitors always needs to be respected. Theft and vandalism are strictly forbidden.

In the case of wilful damage or negligence, the student will be required to cover the cost of repair or replacement.

We declare that as a parent / guardian, we will not interfere in any of the school administrative work and will accept all decisions made by the school
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